... Because you can earn a lot of money in Germany.


Your home market is skimmed off? You Want to expand into a new market?

In many countries, the pole position has already been taken by a major player for the coming years. In Germany, the market has so far been dominated by family businesses and is currently being restructured by massive purchases by domestic corporate groups. A new market concentration is taking place. Good times for investors!

Some problems & barriers to market entry and/or expansion

  • No sale of German Funeral Homes to foreign companies and corporations

  • Exclusion of foreign investors

  • Administrative and tax barriers make market entry even more difficult

  • Lack of industry-relevant business contacts in the new economic area

  • High establishment costs (IT integration, operational processes, etc.)

  • Ignorance of economic and cultural conditions in the target country




Disruptive digital solutions are changing conservative power relations in economy. Technological progress not only leads to more efficiency and thus more profit per turnover through automation, digitization and networking; technological progress also changes the rules of the game. Amazon has proven that it works: the dominance of regional and national retailers has been overcome by foreign suppliers and international players.

With our technologies and expertise, we offer the easiest and fastest access to the German market.


A presentation of the digital solution for funeral homes

Our Offer

We implement the new foundations of your funeral homes - simply and efficiently in just a few months.

We provide the following services:

  • Commercial registration (see additional services)

  • Lean Management: full automation and digitization of all business processes using the Funeral Marketplace

  • Standardized process management, workflow & quality management

  • Technical equipment

  • Connection of all services

  • Integration and networking of sharing concepts for corporate cost efficiency

  • Site analysis

  • Personnel placement + training

  • Contracts, legal support

  • Fiscal representation: Accounting, tax return, ... (tax & law)

  • White Label Franchise Products

  • Many additional services…


We’ll get you Started in Germany


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